October Is the Perfect Time to Make a Trip to St. Marteen

Just because the chills of Autumn are finally setting in it does not mean that the fun in the sun has to be over. For those that wish to extend that Summer felling just a little longer the island of St. Marteen offers the perfect getaway. Furthermore, the busy Summer and holiday crowds are not a factor to deal with during the month of October. This has many advantages for the wise traveler who chooses to adventure during this month. A lower amount of tourists means that the beaches will be less busy and it will be much quicker to get that nice cool drink to enjoy on the sand. Furthermore, less tourists means lower prices on airfare, hotels, and excursions on the island.

One of the benefits to choosing to visit st marteen in october is that the island welcomes all different types of travelers, which means that there will be something do for any size group and any range of ages. A family of four with two children will find many activities for both parents and the children to enjoy. A single couple can have fun dancing the entire night away and enjoying the all the romance that the island has to offer. Singles can have their chance for romance as well, there is always something interesting to do on the island. Maho beach, for example, offers unbelievable views of planes landing at the nearby airport. It is a popular spot for both aviation enthusiasts and onlookers to enjoy seeing planes close up as they land on the island. Furthermore, the island offers world class fishing and dining opportunities for those who want to undertake a culinary adventure. Whatever the desire of the traveler the island will have something to offer that will remain a memory for life. October is the perfect month to undertake this journey.

For those that are hesitant to travel during hurricane season will be happy to know that the most active month of hurricane activity has already past. This means that the likely hood of bad weather is much lower in October than other parts of the hurricane season. There is no reason to avoid a fun vacation on the slim chance that there could be bad weather. Simply consult the forecast before leaving and enjoy all that St. Marteen has to offer.

St. Marteen offers the joys of two different cultures on the same island. Like some of the islands located in the Caribbean St. Marteen is split into two distinct areas, one controlled by France, and the other controlled by the Netherlands. This means that it is quite possible to experience both Dutch and French culture without ever having to travel to Europe. Each side of the island provides its own unique activities, so it is best to do research before leaving. Hurricane Irma did disproportionately affect the Dutch side of the island; however, repairs have been undertaken and this is no reason to prefer one side of the island to the other.

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