Saving Some of your Bucks in your New Orleans Trip

New Orleans, LA, US

New Orleans Vacation on a Budget

New Orleans is one of the most enthralling cities in the United States with its rich history and a mixture of culture, cuisine and music. But what is more fascinating is the fact that you can stay within your budget and have a magnificent New Orleans vacation, nevertheless. There are many tourist destinations in the city that will just cost you a few dollars. You only have to do some research to make necessary preparations and some money-saving strategies.

“Lodging rates go up during Mardi Gras so you may want to pass it up or book a reservation eight months before the event.”

It is easy for a budget traveler to know where not to go, eat and stay but those are not what should be in the mind. You cannot do some planning with such thoughts. Take these words of advice so that you can snag the best travel deals in town.

  • The French district is heavily packed with tourists who can afford expensive hotels. You can save more money with budget lodges near the International Airport. The rates reach an all-time high during Mardi Gras which is held before the Holy Week. You may think of passing up the event or book eight months in advance. Find more hotels to fit any budget on
  • Bowls of seafood gumbo, red beans and muffuletta sub are some of the prominent foods in the city’s regional cuisine but they can be pricey especially in restaurants that are located in tourist-heavy areas. You can still have a taste of their delectable cooking by trying the city’s beignet breakfast and café au lait down the Jackson Square.
  • Enjoy your stop in some of the cheap attractions in New Orleans like Audubon Zoo. Two magnificent parks in the city, which are the City Park and Audubon Park, require no admission fees. You can also bring your own food and drinks as it will be expensive to buy even in stalls in the street.
  • Renting a car is quite costly. Riding a streetcar in New Orleans will only charge you $1.25, which is similar with the fares in buses. You can ask the drivers to drop you to different tourist destinations. If you plan to set out on your own, do not forget a city map unless you have a photographic memory. Otherwise, you might have a difficulty in heading back to your hotel.
  • Louisiana is the only state that gives foreign tourists tax rebates provided that they stayed for no less than 90 days. You can go to the Riverwalk office and claim up to $500 USD right then and there. So keep your receipts while you are in town.

Money-saving strategies are essential in your preparation for a New Orleans vacation on a budget. Keep the above tips in mind and you will never have to break the bank.

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