How to Plan Your Dubai Local City Tour with Desert Safari UAE

You have now disembarked at the land of Dubai and have a filled day to spend in this most beautiful emirate of UAE. So, what have you although to do on this day to make a high-quality worth of your time? Would you let it be simply wasted calming in a hotel room or would you feel affection for exploring the escapade of Dubai desert safari? Of course, you will go with the latter alternative. You will like to make the mainly of Dubai’s shopping, cuisine, culture, outdoor, nightlife and architectural marvels.

But with the clock organization out on 24 and you have so much to see and travel around, how would you diagram your one day tour to Dubai desert safari, the city of adventures? As a substance of fact, it is truly tough to fit in favourite attractions of Dubai in 24 hours from such a extended list. However, a quick preparation and a little help of a dependable tour operator can make the magic and help you experience the most sought after activities. We have listed here some extremely sought after activities and attractions that you must not miss exploring when on this regal land.

Dubai Desert Safari – Dubai desert safari is one of the most sought after itineraries. Enjoy a pure adrenaline do too quickly experience in enjoy a traditional tamboura dance under the twinkling stars, Dubai’s desert dunes, ride a camel Bedouin style,  and get a henna tattoo.

Dubai Dinner Cruise – Admire the iconic skyline and radiance lights of Dubai desert safari dinner cruise. As you savour the loveliness of amazing night lit riverside attractions, an amicable waiter will serve you a welcome drink and canapés followed by tempting meal serenaded by live piano music.

Dubai Architectural adventure – Take sightseeing to new heights with an entrance ticket to Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest monument. After reaching to the heights of Burj Khalifa, have a walk at Dubai Mall and enjoy a multi-media presentation about the history and culture of the city. See Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and desert safari many more!

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Flight – See for miles over the unforgettable panorama of the Dubai desert safari on a hot air balloon flight. After departing from your luxurious hotel, behold the sunrise gliding over the serene desert as you experience the sense of sovereignty of floating through the air. Having exhausted an hour in the air, come back to the ground to enjoy a stimulating drink before going rear to your hotel.

These are just a few of the most amazing adventures of Dubai that you must not miss beholding when on this mesmerizing land. Being a ordinary person or unknown to this Arabic city, you might not make the good worth of your day exhausted on this emirate. Let a professional tour operator help you and plan your one day desert safari trip to Dubai so that you may have a vacation of lifetime! You can also get in touch with us and go to our website:

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