Benefits of Setting up a Business in Malta

Part of the European Union, Malta is a small island that has garnered a lot of attention over the years because of its amazing mix of cultures. Many expats are choosing to settle in Malta because of its affordability and low crime rates. But, this is not all that Malta has to offer. Setting up a business in Malta is also a very easy and simple process and there are many benefits that you can enjoy when you go with this option. What are they? Let’s check some out:

  • It is quite simple

When you are an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to deal with is a bureaucratic registration process that can take ages. The good news about establishing a business in Malta is that the requirements are clear cut. Even if you are a non-European citizen, the process is relatively simple as opposed to other countries. You can do it on your own if you have knowledge of the ins and outs or you can hire a professional.

  • Impressive support measures

Malta company setup is a good option because no matter what industry your business is in, there is a good chance that there is a tax scheme or grant you can apply for. There are numerous public entities offering a horde of support measures that your startup may be eligible for. With the right scheme, you can get the necessary capital and other support to set up easily.

  • Tax benefits are the icing

The icing on the cake are the tax benefits that businesses can enjoy in Malta. There are special tax rates that apply to foreign investors, which is an added advantage. The country is renowned for its pro-investment and pro-business tax regime, which means setting up a company there is a very good decision.

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